6 Signs You’re Ready for a New Relationship

 Are you ready for a new relationship? While entering into a brand new relationship can be exciting, thrilling, and full of promise and hope, it can also cause a bit of stress and anxiety. Is this person really right for you? Will your relationship last? Fortunately, there are six key signs that can help let you know if you’re … Read More

6 Tips for a Healthy Relationship

Let’s face it: Relationship can be tough sometimes — like finding time to spend together, parenting or even arguing over the remote.

And they’ve only gotten more challenging. Nearly half of all Americans say that dating and romantic relationships are harder today than they were 10 years ago, according to a Pew Research Center study.

“Nowadays, our lives are all

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The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life – Are all of life’s hardships worth enduring? The answer depends on what our goal is in living. In fact, understanding life’s purpose is a slow and absorbing process. We sense its mystery while reflecting upon our existence and humanity. Therefore, our concept of life evolves gradually throughout our lives.
The purpose of our creation is
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The Quality And Quantity Of Your Life

The quality and quantity of your life is–in large part–up to you. You can be mediocre, let each day pass without intention and before you know it, you’ll be at the end of your time here. Or, you can strive to be your best self and do whatever it takes to live without regrets for as long as possible. Here’s

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What Is the Purpose of Life?

Disclaimer: I don’t claim that what I say is totally “true,” because the truth is elusive in this complicated world. Rather, I’m offering some ideas to help perceive the world and ourselves in a manner that opens pathways for change and growth.

The Ultimate Question

As far as most of us know, we only have one life to live. The … Read More

How Do You Make Friends with Someone?

Approaching Someone as a Possible Friends

Many people find it difficult to approach a stranger or someone they know very little about and begin getting acquainted process. It’s easier to do this in some situations than others. Being in a class, working with someone, being in a club. Being at a party or living in a dormitory or an apartment … Read More