Why Start With A Happy Family First Before Money?

There is no such thing as a perfect Happy Family. Not that I have seen before!!

It bothers me when people tried to pretend or show off that their family is perfect or better than the others. Well it might be true that their family is better than the others but the fact is we all want to have a perfect Happy Family. We all have a Happy Family by our own definition and it is our right to say so. So let us share our story so that everyone will know that life is not that really cruel, it’s just the way thing happen, the way God wants it to be. It’s how we deal with life that differentiate us with the rest.

For a start, let me share you with my story. I am blessed with 12 siblings with one parent. 7 brothers and 4 sisters. Pretty big huh..To some, it is a blessed. But to others, having more kids only add up to the endless list of burdens.

From my point of view, it is simply a great gift of god. All of my siblings have a different character and this only add up the fun. I get to see different kind of people every single hour keeping me busy all the time. My friends always get confused why I always get busy all the time. I guessed they do not have enough people to bother them all the time:)

Well that is just part of the fun side. Like all family, my family too has problems. I gotta say that my parent has been fantastic all this while keeping us all tight together as a family. And they have been marri for 30+ wonderful years. How about that!

Start sharing your family story with others and you will find more happiness and notice that the world is not a cruel place after all. We are all equal in some way.

Hi!I’m a Malaysian in mid twenties. I planning to get marri soon, so I figure out to prepare myself on having a happy family. It concerned me when I see all the trouble such as divorce happening with most young couple. My hope is everyone regardless of age can contribute their opinion and help us in developing a better world.