What is Pet-Friendly Pest Control?

Most people conjure up the image of a guy fully decked out in a Tyvek suit and mask spraying around the home when they think of pest control for the home. The truth is, your pest control agent will most likely show up in a simple uniform and no mask, unless he is wearing a mask against germs. This is because modern pesticides are not overly powerful to the point where one whiff will made you sick.

The modern pest control spray is just powerful enough to kill any insects you already have and repel others. They are only as powerful as they need to be. The most dangerous pesticides aren’t in use anymore. The goal of any reputable pest control company is to keep your family and pets safe while keeping your home pest free.

Multi-Prong Approach

The modern pest control agent doesn’t spray his pesticide haphazardly around your home. He will choose his spots. Not only that, he will employ other methods which are non-reliant on pesticides. He may leave some boron power on the base of the home. This is basically comparable to laundry detergent.

Your agent may leave rodent traps in crawl spaces, attics and other hidden areas. He will inform you to exactly what he is doing and how to stay 100% safe from his treatments.

Joe, an agent with a pest control company in Rockledge, FL. stated the following: “Pest sprays and treatments are as safe as they’ve ever been. I use them in my home and have no fear of harming my family or pets.”

The Sprays

Feel free to ask your potential pest control company if they use toxic sprays. Ask them if they use “integrated pest management” which helps reduce the amount of sprays they use. Tell them about how many kids and pets you have and make them guarantee you that they will all be safe.

Having a professional apply pest control versus a DIY approach is advisable. Almost all injuries from pest control treatments are from homeowners doing it themselves and not having any idea of what they are doing. It’s important to know what pest treatment to use, how much to use, and where to use it.

Birds and Reptiles

Though current pest treatments are safe around dogs, cats and humans, some pets need to be kept away from a treated area until the treatment dries. Reptiles and birds have smaller and more sensitive airways in their body. They are sensitive to even the slightest airborne chemical. Birds have been know to get sick and expire because someone was cooking with a Teflon coated pan too close to them.

Keep your birds and reptiles in an area where spray is not being used for at least 15 minutes. Chances are they won’t be affected anyway. But when it comes to our loving pets, we can never bee too safe.

Hire a pest control company with plenty of experience and positive reviews online. In this age, you can easily find what other people have to say about a company operating in your area.