Tips for Maintaining Lasting Relationships like Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt Who Married after 19 Years

Michelle Yeoh married former Ferrari CEO Jean Todt after 19 years of engagement. Their wedding took place in Geneva, Switzerland, on Thursday, July 27 2023.

“We met in Shanghai on June 4, 2004,” a message in the wedding program, shared on Instagram by former Ferrari Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa, begins. “On July 26, 2004, J.T proposed to M.Y and he said YES,” the program continues

The first Oscar-winning actress from Asia is engaged to Todt after less than two months of dating. The 6992 day engagement was happily closed, celebrated in a ceremony attended by family and friends.

Indeed, there is no ideal length of engagement, but engagement for 19 years is unusual in a relationship. According to bridal party consultant Mindy Weiss, the average engagement duration in the US is between 12 and 18 months.

But not a few also undergo long engagements or relationships before marriage. What’s the key?

Here are some of the aspects that help determine long-term relationship success and happiness.

1. Trust

There is no way any relationship in this world will work if there is no trust. This is one of the most important aspects of a long term relationship. Can partners depend on each other, can they rely on each other? If the answer to this question is yes, couples can build a strong relationship.

2. Communication

Communication is one of the most important factors in a relationship. When two people communicate and understand each other without any mind blocks, that’s what makes a relationship work.

If the two parties do not interact like two bodies and one mind, the couple can face several problems in the relationship. So, maintain healthy communication with your partner because it is the key to a successful relationship.

3. Support

Partners should be each other’s backbone. Mutual support will help build long-term relationship goals. If your partner doesn’t celebrate every little victory or doesn’t help when trouble comes, one partner may have to work harder on the relationship to make it stronger. Support for each other is the key to a lasting relationship.

4. Fighting for resolutions

No relationship is smooth, there will be fights. But, it would be nice if every problem was solved with a solution that didn’t hurt either of them.

Lifelong relationships require constant love and attention. If unable to resolve issues and disagreements, couples may need to seek out a therapist who can help strengthen the bond.

Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt are in no hurry to get married because they feel secure in their relationship. A source quoted by US Weekly, June 3, 2023 said, both of them are independent and strong-willed people and feel secure in their relationship. “Just knowing that they are committed to each other seems to be enough.”