Rival Boxing Gloves Are They Any Good?

Interesting Fact: Rival Boxing Gloves were designed by Russ Anber boxing coach, Canada. Did you know that?

Rival Boxing Gloves

Lower Entry

Rival Aero Boxing gloves are great for fitness workouts. These gloves do not come in too expensive at around £30. This gloves do however have a vinyl cover rather than leather, however the price does reflect this. According to reviews the vinyl is very tough and well wearing. Inside pre-formed highly dense padding is there to protect your hands in areas where beginners usually damage themselves. The strong wrap around wrist strap gives plenty of security and the gloves fit very snug.

Mid Entry

An example of this glove would be the Rival RS3V sparring glove. With 100% leather and 40mm of padding these are a great glove even when compared to the higher end Rival gloves. Some people do mention however that the velcro wrist strap is not as supportive as the lace-up higher end gloves.

Higher End

. As people have reviewed these gloves benefit from the ‘Ergo Lace Track System’ which Rival has interestingly patented. This gives the boxer an ultimate fit and great wrist support whilst eliminating lace burns. Lastly they benefit from high impact foam padded cushions which absorb as much impact as possible when administering blows.


 However people argue that you can tell why they are slightly more expensive as they feel like great quality gloves.

It is obvious that Rival are trying to make a name for themselves through innovation and waking up the current dormant suppliers. A further example of this would be the use of D30 in their head guards, to protect the user.