6 Characteristics of a Genuine Friend

¬†Genuine Friend – We all have people in our life we consider friends but how well do you really know someone before you call them a friend? Do we use the word “friend” too loosely? We have many different relationships in our life and just because you know someone by way of a co-work, neighbor, friend of a friend we … Read More

Social-Media Relationships: What Kind of Friend Are You?

Social Media Relationships – It takes all kinds to make up this world. But when it comes to social-media to this day. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the concept of what a “friend” means. Unlike a lot of the social-media extroverts out there. I have always been much more guarded in my choice of friends. … Read More

Family First – Contents Insurance For Care Homes

Moving a parent or grandparent into a care home is never an easy decision to make but if you need to provide them with 24-hour care it’s often the only option. You should therefore try to see the move into a nursing home as being in their best interests. Contents Insurance For Care Homes

It’s easy to say that it’s … Read More

You Can Put Your Family First and Still Earn Money

Back when my career took me from being a brick-and-mortar business owner to a wage slave back to being a business owner, I honestly believed that the only way to earn money was to put work first.

This belief led me to miss a lot of my children lives, let me tell you. I was always at work-frequently 7 days … Read More

Why Start With A Happy Family First Before Money?

There is no such thing as a perfect Happy Family. Not that I have seen before!!

It bothers me when people tried to pretend or show off that their family is perfect or better than the others. Well it might be true that their family is better than the others but the fact is we all want to have

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Why Do You Need a True Business Friend to Setup Your Real Online Business Zone?

While internet has opened up million opportunities to us, there are too many con artists out there who have made the job complicated. If you are someone who wants to make money online from a real online business model, but wondering about how to go with it, I believe you need a true business friend (TBF) to help you out, … Read More